Top Tips to Wake Up with FAB Hair

I love to wake up with that fabulous hair. Here are a couple tips on how to wake up looking awesome!

The night before:
1. Braid it before going to bed.
2. Try to keep your hair out of your face when sleeping, so you don't get your face all oily. Try an elastic headband!
3. Don't want a braid? Twist a bun to the top of your head.
4. While your hair is wet, spray some volume spray
5. Apply a texture spray to wet hair and french braid it.

The morning of:
1. Slick back your hair and put it into a high ponytail for dirty hair.
2. If you have dirty hair, curl it. Curly hair holds the best curls.
3. Or, put it in a messy bun. It adds to the look.
4. French braid it!




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