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So, I promised you guys what was going on with OCSA. So, here you go!

So, in March I decided to audition for OCSA (school of the arts) because I've wanted to go this school since I started Middle School. It's always been a dream of mine. So, I auditioned.

I hadn't heard from them in a long time, my application always said "Under Review" which was making my mind go wild!

One day, at school, a girl told me they had already sent out the yes or no packets. She told me I most likely didn't get in. I literally felt awful. I had lost the school I really wanted to go to.

So a couple weeks later, we got a message from them saying I was missing something in my application. So, we added the video of me pretending to read a monologue of an Indian teacher. It was pretty funny!

So we waited a couple weeks until eventually my mom called the school and they said that most of the conservatories were full, like the Musical Theatre one I auditioned for. They said they would get back to use on the Friday of that week.

So, I excitedly waited to here back. And I did. I didn't make it. Not because I wasn't good, because all the conservatories were super full. I've been put on the waiting list until they get a spot that opens up in my second choice conservatory, acting. I haven't heard back and am applied to go to a GREAT school closer to my house. It has an amazing theatre conservatory and the choir teacher is going to get me to sing two octaves higher than I already can sing!! I am super excited/yet scared. You guys will coming through the journey with me.




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