Burning Red!

Hi, Girle's'!

This is Bellise and I've had a BURNING RED moment. Like seriously.

So the other week, +Tay Swifty13 and I were taking summer classes and one of the classes I took was Algebra. So, I got into the class kind of excited to see what the class was going to be all about. You never know; it can be good or it can be bad.

The first day it seemed really easy and I was excited that I was finally getting a Math class! The second day was where it gets burning red. Here's how it went:

So, I walk into class and the teacher was not there yet. So, I waited and waited and waited forever. Finally, he came in. So, he talks about inequalities and proportions (which I immensely struggle with) for like 30 minutes. It made sense, not really.

Then, he gave us problems we had to do, write on the white board, and then we had to get up and explain the problem. So, I got a problem that asked "write the first step of an inequality". So, I did. I wrote it out on the board and I explained what I did for the first step. It was correct! But then, he asked how to finish the problem. This is where it gets burning red. So, he asked me questions about the problem and I was really lost and I was getting everything wrong. Burning red is coming your way! Whenever I got a question wrong, he'd sigh and roll his eyes.

I stood next to the white board for a long time (at least 30 minutes) trying to answer his questions. He got so tired of trying to help me that he sent me to my desk and he did the rest of the problem for me. I was about to cry and I did. I went to the restroom and felt so bad and vulnerable. He made me feel so dumb. Never let a teacher make you feel like that. Teachers are supposed to make you LOVE  learning, not hate it.

Later that day, my mom and I realized the class was too difficult. We dropped out of the other Algebra and instead I took Pre-Algebra. It was a GREAT class! I loved the teacher so much! She was so amazing! She made me love Math! :)

That's all for now!


Bellise and EG



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