Everything Taylor Swift! Day 9: Some Things You'll Never Know About Taylor Swift

Hi Swifties!

Today we have "Some Things You'll Never Know About Taylor Swift!" Here's what we're going to do. We're going to list 13 things you would've never guessed about Miss Taylor Swift! Some REALLY big Swifties (like me) would've never known these few things. Let's see.

1. Before Taylor wanted to become a country star, she wanted to be a financial adviser.

2. Before she fell in love with country, she tried to make it to Broadway.

3. Taylor Swift stopped playing "The Best Day" on tour because she could hear her mom crying in the back.

4. There's a pond of Koi fish in the middle of her Nashville apartment.

5. The song "Starlight" was inspired by old photos of Ethel and Bobby Kennedy.

6. When she writes with other artists, she insists it's in person because she doesn't want to miss the live connection.

7. The very first song she wrote "Lucky You" went on her debut album, known as "The Outside."

8. She wrote and recorded "The Best Day" for her mother as a Christmas present.

9. She secretly changed the lyrics to “Picture to Burn” after it was brought to her attention that the line “So go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy, That’s fine I’ll tell mine you’re gay” might be offensive.

10. Taylor Swift learned to play the twelve stringed guitar before she knew how to play the six stringed.

11. She finished the homeschooling course for her junior and senior years of high school in just 12 months!!

12. Taylor Swift's grandmother inspired her sense of style. In fact, Taylor's grandmother hosted a show in Puerto Rico.

13. Taylor Swift plays four instruments: the banjo, guitar, ukulele, and piano.


An extra fact for all of you awesome Swifties!

14. Taylor Swift wrote "Our Song" for a school talent show and decide to put it on her first album when she heard her classmates singing the tune.

We took a Polaroid for you!

We hope you enjoyed Day 9. We've been getting down to these sick posts. (Shake it Off talk) Get stoked for Day 10. We have 3 more days! Get ready Taylor!

Merry Swiftmas!





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