Everything Taylor Swift! Day 4: They are the Hunters, We are the FOXES!

Hi Swifties/Girle's'!

Today, it's all about the fox! The fox is Taylor's spirit animal. :) Taylor said herself on an interview with Teen Vogue, "A fox. Because they have to run and hide a lot and I have to run and hide a lot too. I didn't mean that to sound sad! In my head it sounded like more of a statement and when I said it, it sounded like something you say before you cry. [Laughs]" Article from teenvogue.com

So, it's all about the fox! What does the Fox say?

Her sweater: 




"They are the hunters, we are the foxes. We run!"

A special Beanie Boo!

  A Polaroid for you!

Day 5 is going to know places we won't be. (I Know Places talk)

We hope you enjoyed another swiftacular day!





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