Christmas Eve Tomorrow!

Hi Girle's'!
Merry Swiftmas and Merry Christmas!

Here at EG, we're super excited for Christmas Eve. At my house, we have special traditions. I'll give you three of them.

1. My family and I open 1 present on the night of Christmas Eve.

2. Every Christmas Eve, we read a story about Santa.

3. Some of our friends come and visit!

The sad part about Christmas Eve is that Taylor Fleetman is leaving in 6 days! No!!!! There is a good side to that, though. We have a new girl. And she's pretty awesome and she is 11. No worries.

Taylor Fleetman WILL be leaving on DECEMBER 31st, 2014. On January 1, 2015 (the day of judging for the EGA's), she'll be in our archives. Check her page out before it's gone into the archives with Alyssa Skylar. 

We hope you have the best Christmas Eve ever! You'll see another Christmas Eve post tomorrow!





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