I was just thinking a few weeks ago...what would the Girle's' look like when they grow-up? What will they be? So, we dressed up young teenage girls to make them look like the Girle's' as teens. (They want to accomplish there dreams at age 15)

                                                             Anna will be an ice-skater:

Aridessa will be a famous painter:

Brekin will be a fashion designer:
Brenton will be a journalist:
Breyer will be a singer/horseback rider:
Carmen will be an archer:

Cerise will be a..really bad moisturizer? I am kidding. She will be a swimmer:

Keira will be a dancer: 

Mia will be a surfer/author:

Rose will be an animal trainer:

And Taylor will be what she is now:

Aren't these girls awesome!!

Watch and wait for our next post. The Girls will be with their grandmas and moms. 


Bellise and EG



  1. WOW! These girls did a great job interpreting the Girle's' as their older selves. Which is your favorite?



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