OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! GUESS WHAT?!!  Well, yesterday I auditioned to sing the National Anthem at our city Fourth of July event and guess what they said? YES!!!! I am soooooooo excited!! So, here's how it went down.

So, yesterday, I'd been warming up and looking up videos of amazing singer who sang the National Anthem. I was really nervous. I felt like I wasn't ready yet! I still couldn't quite hit the 'O'er the land of the free' note. What was I going to do? I had a feeling that I wasn't going to get it because of that mess-up. So, my mom and sisters and dad drove me there. I went in very nervous. (There were maybe 8 people there. It was the whole team in the board.)

It was time! So, I sang in the song and 3 people were crying. My mom and two of the directors. I was assuming it was a yes and it was!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!!

Afterwards, we went to Farrell's for a National Anthem celebration and the waitress made me get up and sing the National Anthem in front of the whole restaurant. So, I had just had a big 3 scooped, Oreo ice cream and my knees were shaking (as always when I get nervous) and when I tried to hit the free note, I started lower. I automatically went down like maybe 2 notes. It was so embarrassing! But, people still liked it. Whatever!! ;-)

 I sing right before the fireworks start. They start at like 9:00. I am gonna have to be there all day! The cool thing is I am the first one ever to sing the National Anthem. They have always just played it on like a soundtrack. There are going to be speakers all around the my city! I am so scared! Singing in front of 10000 people is insane! (They told me there were gonna be 10000 people. A.K.A: The whole city!)

I will right a comment on this post when it is time!


Bellise and EG



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