UH-OH, UH-OH, UH-OH! I am Sick. Again!

Hi Girles'. (**Sneeze, sneeze** -** Chill, chill**)

I think the flu has come back for me! Do you have the flu?

I have a soar throat and I am getting the chills. UGH! Why me, why now? I am supposed to take a Kumon test on Thursday and I am going to hang out with Molly on Friday. Hopefully. UGH! :-(

I, also, have a headache! They are like my best friend. I don't like them but, they like me.

I am always getting them! When I go to gymnastics, I have a headache. When I watch TV, BOOM!!! There goes the headache again. UGH!!! Horrible!

Well, if anybody is sick like me, I hope you feel better.


Bellise/EG-Sneeze Sneeze :-(



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