Not Crazy but, Obsessed!

Okay, okay.....I'm pretty sure 100% of you saw my post Prince Hans Crazy. Well now I'm not Prince Hans crazy, I'm "Prince Hans Obsessed"!

I'm guessing you all know what that means. It means I'm in love with Prince Hans. (If you are saying, " But, he's evil!". Well, you're wrong, he's just misunderstood!) I'm soooooo crazy in love with Hansy (My nickname for Hans.), that I have my own picture of him that I take with me everywhere!

And do you know what "we" do together. We watch romantic comedy shows like Good Luck Charlie or Jessie. "So romantic!"

The first night he came, we talked about lemons. He loves them because they're yellow. He LOVES things that are yellow. He even wore a yellow shirt and yellow socks in the movie.

I'm sooooooooooooo in love with Hans that I taped his picture to a broom and started dancing with him. So, so, so cute! Here is his video where he dances with Anna. It's called Love is an Open Door.

By: Kimeko123

Here's a fun challenge. See if you can find his yellow shirt and socks!

Also, notice the way his sideburns compliment his cute little Hansy face.

By the way, Hans is here and he says hi!

My best friend says this is unhealthy. Ummmmm....why would she think that this is unhealthy? 

I'm even writing a documentary about him. It's coming soon on Every Girle'.

We are not that different in age. He's 21 and I'm 11. Ohhh...I see a difference. 10 years apart. No matter, age doesn't define a person.

Right now, Hans is trying to work his feeling out. When he gets mad or wants to rule over something, he screams into a pillow. 

Who do you think is cuter, Hans or Kristoff? If you think something is telling you to pick Hans, it's me!

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