So which Girle' are you?????

Do you want to take a Girle' test. If you do it is below. This is a test to see which Girle' founder you are. Are you Rose or Breyer? Who knows? Take the test to see. Be honest. So if you want to see which girle' you are then grab some paper write the answers you got down and see your test results at the bottom.Email us at and tell us which girle' you are.

1. What is your favorite thing to do:
A. Sing
B. Write about celebs.
C. Draw a beautiful horse
D.Sew a nice dress
E. Train a stray horse and write about it

2. What is your lucky number:
A. 8

3. Dream car:
A. Mustang
B. Camaro Cheverolet
C. Jaguar
D. Ford Bronco or Jeep Wrangler

4. Favorite dessert:
A. Cheesecake
B. Tiramisu
C. Croissants
D.Chocolate cake

5. Favorite Animal:
A. Horse
B. Giraffe
C. Dog
D. Seahorse


Mostly A's:
You are just like Breyer. You are a great singer but, you are super shy.  Your dream is to be the best singer in the world.

Mostly B's:
You are just like Brenton. You have a boyish personality but, you are proud of it. You love to learn so much more about celebrities. You want to also be an awesome race car driver.

Mostly C's:
You are just like Ariddessa. You are passionate about your artwork and love to draw. You want to be an artist for Disney.

Mostly D's:
You are just like Brekin. Man, you are a bit of a diva but, you love to sew. You make fantastic dresses for your friends. You have a girly personality. You want to grow up and be a fashion designer.

Mostly E's:
 You are just like Rose. You have a sweet heart. You are always kind to the animals. You also, help your mom with all the stray animals she takes in.

Hope you enjoyed.

Make sure you email us. We would love to hear your results.




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