Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Mazi! She is my best friend and today is her b-day! I hope that Mazi has a fantastic day today. I am so happy I met you. If you Girle's want to know how I met Mazi, then here is the story.

          So, One day I was watering some flowers and I saw this green car. It was the new girl's car.( By the way, I had seen her when I rode my scooter down by her house. The house she lives in now was up for sale. That is why she was the new girl.) I dropped the hose and ran over to her house. I said," Hi". She looked up at her dad and looked back at me and said ," hi." I continued my sentence by saying," I am Bellise. What is your name??" "Mazilyn. People call me Mazi for short.", She said. I asked her if she could play and she said yes. I learned so much about her. I learned that she is from Texas. How cool! She was about 8 then. And now she's 10. I can't wait to see her at her party!

Happy Birthday Mazi!
May all your wishes come true!


Here is my birthday song to you ,Mazi.

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I really was enchanted!



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