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             Here is book #2 of Arrahlyn's Secretive Blog. It is called Secret of a Celebrity. This story is shorter. I just finished it today.

  Arrah's Intro:
                                Long ago on Mythilania, there lived a SUPER famous celebrity named Elizabeth Lillian. She was like your Taylor Swift. She wrote songs and starred in movies. More and more and year by year she was forgotten because new celebrities were being born.She hated that with a capital H. So she was out to get every new celebrity. Ever since she was forgotten, she has been waiting in her house to get the next new celebrity. And one more thing. 

# 1: Can you keep a secret?? 

          I hope you can because I am going  to tell you my big secret right now. Okay so.... Umm.... Well, I can't explain it without telling you the whole story. So, let me just tell you the whole thing.


                                                          Chapter #1
                         One day, I walked in the halls of my middle school , Oceanic Middle School, with my new super cute shoes freedom  and the dress I made myself. (People were laughing at my dress.) I walked  down to where the stairs were with Rylyn. I then tripped. How embarrassing! I tripped in front of the popular kids. They called me loser and were just being cruel. " Seriously, have a heart! Everyone trips and falls sometimes. Leave her alone. Sorry, Arrah.", Rylyn said. (One thing about Rylyn. She is from Earth in a land called the country. A.K.A Nashville , Tennessee.  If you are asking, no she does not have a country accent.) Anyway, she is not afraid to say what she thinks. Anyway, I walked down my school hall shamefully.  Then I accidentally bumped into Rachel Evans and her sidekicks , Blake Jackson, (they are both girls.) and Marrisa Delrose. "AHHHH... Watch where your going, Greene. Your going to get wrinkles on my handbag.", Rachel said. I ignored her.

                                      That day was a bad one.  I felt like a loser.
       When I came home, I threw my books on my bed and I threw myself in my chair and I pulled out my song book.  I read them out loud and I realized they have real potential. I took out my camera and recorded myself singing my song. I put my song on "Whoareyoutube" where every  person is a celebrity. I knew there could be a possibility of me being a celebrity. Some of my favorite celebrities became famous there.

                       The next day, I woke up and looked on Whoareyoutube with Angel. WOO-HOO! I got 100,000,000 views.I got comments like "You are so cool." or like "You are so talented." I really felt like a star not a loser.Also, I got  an email from a music producer. She wanted me to start concerts. I couldn't say no. This is  where my secret comes in and even Elizabeth Lillian.

                                  I came home from my first concert. Elizabeth Lillian saw my car pull up to my driveway and she got confused. So, she decided to follow me. Not in my house but, behind it. She took a secret passage behind the bushes so she could look in my window. There I was with my wig and myself as Claire Allison. Claire Allison is my stage name. ( When I put my video on the internet, I put my favorite wig on with my favorite colors on. I then called myself Claire Allison. Nobody knew it was me under the wig.That is why Elizabeth was being nosy.) Elizabeth looked in my window. She saw me take off my wig. 

                                                                    Chapter 2

                                       "SNAP!", went the camera.I didn't even notice but, Angel did. She started to neigh at me. "Angel calm down. There's no snake in the house.", I said. She kept neighing and neighing and then she tried going outside at like 10 PM.  " Girl . Do not go outside.", I commanded. ( I could understand Angel's every word. That was like my power. I could speak horse,Pegasus,Unicorn, and zebra) Anyway, She kept ignoring me and sassing me. She really wanted to go outside. " Girl, no!", I said very annoyed. " Ugh! Girl you can't neigh sass me!", I said.  She then went outside and started sniffing away. " AWWW! Girl your not a dog. If a dog was here , he would be very insulted. Where are you going??", I said as I followed her. I then ended up at Elizabeth Lillian's house. " Girl, let's not bother Elizabeth anymore than she is.", I said as I walked Angeleyes home.

                                      The next day, Elizabeth Lillian decided to come visit us. "DING-DONG!!", The doorbell rang. I opened it and saw Lizzie (A.K.A. Elizabeth Lillian). " Hello Darling, I am Elizabeth Lillian.", Lizzie said. " Umm... Hi! I am Arrahlyn.", I returned as my mom walked outside  to the porch. " Hi I am Claudia, Arrahlyn's mom and who are you?," my mom said. " Elizabeth Lillian.", She said. Rylyn then walked in on the conversation. '' Hey Arrah! Who's this?",Rylyn said. " I am Elizabeth Lillian.", She said. Then Lizzie mumbled to herself," Wow! I really have been forgotten."  Then my dad came out of his friend's car and joined in the conversation. "Hi honey.... Ummm... Who's this. Wait, wait, wait don't tell me. It's the gas lady. Oh yeah! Nailed it.Okay lady, so I haven't farted all day. Big woop! Or should I say Big Woopie Cushion! HAHAHAHA!! Anyway, It was all my wife, Claudia.Are you a new neighbor?? Most of our new neighbors bring us pie. ", my dad said.  " EWWWWW!!!!!! Dad! She is not the gas lady. She is Elizabeth Lillian our neighbor. She has lived here for 23 years. Dad one more thing. You nailed that nail a little to far to the no.", I said.  " Did she bring pie to be nice even if she is not a new neighbor??", My dad questioned. "No.", I said. "UGH! Not the best new neighbor.", He said.  " I am so sorry Elizabeth. We try to keep Larry away from pie. When  he sneaks out and buys it, we regret it. He gets really hyper.", my mom said. "Oh look at the time! I have to go pick out teeth for my toothless husband. Tata.",She said. I looked at my mom in a weird way. " Oh one more thing. I can't wait to see you at your concert ,Claire.", Lizzie said.  My eyes got big as I looked at Rylyn. " Hey mom. I am off to the mall.", Breyer said as she situated her glasses. " Okay.", my mom said as her mouth was open. " Mom, mom! Oh no! She's dead. Dad get me a breathing tube.", Breyer replied. " Breyer, she's not dead. She's just in shock.", Rylyn said. " Well, that just takes the fun out of being a fake doctor. Never mind dad! I am going to regain my happiness at the mall.", Breyer said. We then went inside the house.

                                                        Chapter 3

                      " Okay, we need to figure out how she found out my secret.", I said.  " I have a plan! I will take a nap while you guys find out this problem.", my dad said. "No! We are all going together.", I said.  " WHEW! I am pooped. I totally wiped out the mall.",Breyer said as she had the mall in her car. I explained Breyer our plan.

               We decided to go to Elizabeth Lillian's house to find out this mystery. " Dad, what's taking you so long??.", Breyer complained with her fairy magic shimmering and shining. My dad ran through the house with a black suit and a radio with a CD inside it. The CD was playing burglar music. Like when people go steal something at the bank. " Honey, please put the music box down. Are plans are always spoiled because of  loud music and men in silly costumes.", my mom said.  "It's serious work. And in the movies they have silly music. It's cool.", my dad said. " Put it down!", She said. "UGH!", My dad complained. We walked there quietly. Breyer flew up and looked through Lizzie's window. She stuck her thumb up meaning the coast was clear. I opened her window that went to her attic. Everyone else went through the original door. They searched for evidence but, found nothing. I found something though. It was a picture of me taking my wig off. Then Lizzie came up. "AHHHH! Arrahlyn, what are you doing here. Who let you in??", She said.  " Your toothless husband did.", I hesitated. I jumped out of the window without the evidence. Breyer caught me as we ran fast.

                                          "DING-DONG!'', the doorbell rang at 6 AM. I ran to the door and saw it was Lizzie. "Hi Elizabeth," I hesitated. " Don't hi me. ," she said as she came in the house without asking me. " Yes! Please come in.," I said in a sarcastic way.  "What were you doing in my house last night, hmmm?? Were stealing my trophies?," Lizzie questioned.  " What... Why...... Why would I do that? I was only there because I found out you know my secret.," I said.  "The secret that you pick your nose?," She said in confusion.  " I don't pick my nose. Even if I did, how would you know that?," I said and questioned. " I have a list ,see. Arrahlyn picks nose. Brandy is Claire Allison.," Lizzie said.  "No. That's the opposite. I'm Claire Allison and Brandy picks his nose.," I said. "Oh,oh, let me switch that.," Lizzie said. " Okay, Okay! Just get to the point. I know you know that I am Claire Allison.," I said.  " Yes, I do know about your secret. I saw you taking off your wig after your first concert. I even have a picture. Tonight I'm even going to tell the newspaper your secret. Well, I have to go. I have to pick out some nail polish for my nail less husband. Ciao! Au revoir! Ardios! Tata!  ,"Lizzie said.  " NO! You can't tell my secret. UGH! Her husband is weird. Elizabeth come back here! ," I said.

                                                      Chapter 4
                                   "Elizabeth, stop! You can't tell my secret. People depend on me. I promised every one a show. ," I said. " I don't care! People depended on me once. Then once I took a quick trip to Mexico. The next week, I was replaced by a girl named Taylor Baise. ," Elizabeth said.

               I started to cry. To cheer me up, I put my wig on and then ran over to my favorite Ice cream place, Ice Cream from France. I ran into Taylor Baise.  " Hi! I am Taylor Baise and you are Claire Allison. I am really into your music. You totally inspire me. ," She said as her beautiful blonde hair blew in the wind. I was speechless. She is way out of my league. Wait.. did I just say that? " Hi Taylor! I am a huge fan! I have loved you since I was like 4. ," I said. " Hey do you want to have some ice cream with me? ," Taylor said.  I nodded my head yes. I mean why would I say no? She is like a SUPER famous celebrity. We sat down and talked and talked and talked for hours and hours straight. We had sat down at like 1:00 PM and we started to rap it up at like almost 10:00 PM. We had so much in common. Time flew by with her. She even asked me to be her friend. I felt obligated inside to say yes. So, I said yes. She even said if I needed anything to call her. I couldn't believe that day. I told everyone. Rylyn even became my guitarist. She called herself Amanda Blake. She was starting to become famous, too. People were asking for her autograph, too.

                    Ever since I was little, I had always recognized that some people couldn't get into Taylor Baise's concerts. So, I decided (I predicted that I was going to be famous.) that , when I became famous, to have a free concert every month for the ones who can't buy the regular tickets.  People loved me for that. Then that once a month came, and I heard Elizabeth Lillian was making a plan to destroy my concert.She was even going to tell the world my secret. I took out my phone and called Taylor Baise. I said," Taylor meet me at our favorite ice cream place. Okay. Bye. ," I ran out of there as fast as  I could. 

                 I finally had arrived. I said, " Taylor, I called you because Elizabeth Lillian , my neighbor and an old singer, is trying to ruin my concert. She is even going to tell my secret. You have to help. What are we going to do? ," I said.  "What secret? ," Taylor questioned. " Dang it! ," I mumbled. " UHHH! The secret of me secretly sleeping with a teddy bear. ," I smiled discreetly. " Oh! Well, we are prepared. You just sing your little heart out and let me take care of all of it. ," Taylor said. " Okay??," I said.

                                                      Chapter 5

                             " Let us rule the worllllldddd! ," I sang. The crowd screamed and shouted. They were even singing my name.  " Thank you, Thank you! I love you all. Good night , Mythilania! This night has been awesome.  How could this night get any better ? ," I said into the microphone as I walked off stage.  " it's not a good night just yet. The night just got better! ," Elizabeth swung onto the  stage. " Why did I wish that? ," I questioned. " I am Elizabeth Lillian. Here to make Claire's concert even better. ," Elizabeth said.  " Hi, I am Taylor Baise and I ,too, am here to make Claire's concert even better.  Security !, " Taylor said.  '' This was supposed to be my life not Claire's. ," Elizabeth screamed. " Everyone has time to shine and this is my time. ," I said as the security took her out.  I hugged Taylor. I walked off the stage.

                                   I went home and totally crashed that night. The doorbell rang and I saw it was Elizabeth. I opened the door and she told me she wanted to be popular again. I had her sing one of her songs and I put her on Whoareyoutube. The next day she was a hit. She thanked and from that day on she was MUCH nicer. We became friends , kind of.

Well that's it. I have to go now. My dad's new 'getting into people's house' class is today. I didn't even know that existed.  I just learned he wanted to learn how to do his tuck and rolls sequence.  I guess he was quite offended when my mom told him to put the music box down. Does he know what offended means?  Remember, this is not the last of my adventures. See you on the next post. One more thing. That  secret of mine I am only telling you. Keep it a secret. See you next time.


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The end!

P.S Make sure you watch and for book #3 A Frienship or a Rivalry.



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