About the celebs. 4/6/13

We are going to take a break from the basics this week like art of the day and stuff and talk about Taylor!

Chapter 1: A star is nurtured and some stuff about the young star.
   Taylor Allison Swift was born on December 13,1989. She was named after a singer-songwriter James Taylor.Taylor Swift grew up on a Christmas tree farm with her horse, Ginger and cat , Meridth. Her animals keep her company.

Imagine living in Christmas every day! But , she moved away from that life in Pennsylvania and moved on to Nashville. She LOVED it there.
Her favorite color is white and her lucky number is 13 because she was born on the 13th and she was 13 when started becoming a sensation.

Chapter 2: The beginning and some awards

Taylor was encouraged by her parents to put herself out there . And she did ! She became a star and started putting her music out to Big Machine Records.She was about 13. Since her beginning, She is now a star in country. She has 4 albums. Ever since her beginning she has one at least 100 awards. Also , when winning an award Taylor was saying her speech and this guy,Kayne West, takes her spotlight and says Beyonce' should win Taylor's award.He said Taylor doesn't deserve this award. Afterwards he apologized. And I believe she wrote a song about that called Innocent.

Chapter 3: Movies and products

Taylor Swift has been in T.V shows and movies.
She has been in the movie The Lorax playing Audrey. She was in Valentine's Day playing the girlfriend of Taylor Lautner . She was in the T.V show called C.S.I as a girl named Haley Jones.

Also, for some products she has perfume and shoes and even you can dress like her.

Chapter 4: Influences
Some of Taylor's influnces in fashion are:
Audrey Hepburn
Jane Birkin
Francoise Hardy
and Bridget Bardot

Chapter 5: Boyfriend Buisness
Taylor Swift has had 5 boyfriends.
Here are her 5 ex-sweethearts:
1. John Mayer
2.Jake Gyllenhaal
3. Joe Jonas
4. Harry Styles
5.Taylor Lautner

Chapter 6: Music

Taylor wrote some of her songs about her ex-boyfriends.
She wrote:
Dear John and The Story of Us about John Mayer.
We are never ever getting back together,Moment I knew, All too well, I almost do,Sad beautiful tragic,and The last time about Jake Gyllenhaal
Forever and always ,Last Kiss, Haunted and better than revenge about Joe Jonas
Treacherous,Girl at home , and I knew you were trouble about Harry Styles
Back to December and Last kiss about Taylor Lautner.

Now you know all about Taylor Swift! Keep watching for a new Celeb .

Hope you Enjoyed!

Something Extra ..... some pics.

 Ginger her horse
Taylor Swift on November 11, 2012  from U.S magazine.com
We got this from teen party magazine Taylor Swift !



  1. i love taylor swift she is my favroit singer and her horse is so cute


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