Girls like u

There are girls like you that have dreams and want to accomplish something very successful. Well , let's listen to some girls who want to do exactly that.

Let's meet : some of the editors
We will meet : Bellise (A.K.A the main editor)  I wanted to share some facts about me.

Hi !
 I am 10 years old and am the creator of every girle'. 
I love this job. I want to be other things too. Like an animator for disney (drawing characters) , a famous gymnast,a famous actress,a famous singer and dancer,a famous horseback rider, and ( this is totally crazy) Taylor Swift's B.F.F! She is my favorite singer. 

My favorite animal is a horse! I am SUPER obsessed with them. At first I want to call every girle' every! So silly ,right.All my shirts are horses ! Everything i have horses. Even my dream car is a neon purple (purple is my favorite color) mustang with horse stickers everywhere  .
Thanks Guys,



  1. You are FABULOUS! I love how candid you are about all your dreams-you are so inspiring!! You are going to be such a big success and I'm so happy I get to witness the entire journey by being one of your first "girle" girls.

  2. We love to inspire girls to follow their dreams!

    1. What is your number one dream or goal?

    2. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!

  3. No problem! That is what this blog is for!


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